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lauryn, 15, canada

taylor swift is my reason
marvel is my obsession
tv shows are my escape


listening to: shake it off
reading: if i stay
watching: the office s4, grey's anatomy s3
waiting for: agents of shield s2

working on

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what you'll find here

• taylor swift
• ed sheeran
• demi lovato
• divergent
• marvel movies
• agents of shield
• castle
• sherlock
• elementary
and a few other shows/movies

this girl in my class actually added me to a sec 4 page on facebook like plz don’t mix school and social media bYE

I’ve wanted one thing for my whole life and I’m not going to be that girl who wants one thing her whole life then gets it and complains.

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  • Boy: I love you
  • Me: I love taylor swift

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taylorswift i’ll be walking around school and i’ll hear random groups of girls singing the bridge in shake it off and i LOVE IT



  • A new vlog
  • Better merch
  • New album info
  • A Red tour DVD



• An updated Canadian online store

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i really want a ravenclaw scarf guys

"Taylor Swift only writes about boys."

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Anonymous said:

is she performing at iheart radio tomorrow?!?? and then when will the new songs be on iTunes do u know??

yep! and i have no idea about the new songs,  but there will definitely be live recordings :)

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Hi everyone! This is Ellie (screaminglonglives)! I’ve had this idea for a few months, but now that people seem to be on more and school’s starting to get more regular, I figured now would be a good time to get it up and running!

So, it’s called Swift Buddies. The blog address is hereit’d be really awesome if you could check it out! I’ll put a brief summary of what it is and what its purpose is, but if you wanna learn more you can check out the site!

It’s basically just a way to make friends!

All you have to do is fill out the form on the “join” page on the blog, and you’re entered into our database! Every month, you’ll be paired with another buddy who has the same interests as you, aside from Taylor!

I know how hard it is to make friends on here, so, it’s basically just a conversation starter! Obviously, we know we can’t make people become friends, but we want everybody to have the chance!

Wanna learn more?

Visit swiftbuddies.tumblr.com RIGHT NOW and become a member! Or you can reblog this post to spread the word! The first pairings will be posted on October 1, 2014, so we want to get a strong collection of people to pair up!

Thanks so much, everyone here is really excited to get this started!

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you saw me start to believe

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